Sunday, 24 July 2016

Fun Fact Special: 5 fun facts about Robot Wars

Robot Wars (the UK version that happened around the turn of the millennium) was a show that involved competitors sending robots against each other, often in a fight to the death. With its dark, post-apocalytic atmosphere, occasional humour and some incredible competitors, here's 5 fun facts to celebrate the reboot tonight (24th July 2016)!

1. One of the few people to make an appearance on every show was the voice that said "Cease" or "Stop, and deactivate Robots" was Stuart Macdonald, the director of Robot Wars, and highly decorated individual in his own right.

2. Jeremy Clarkson supposedly left the show because of a technical malfunction, where one of the house robot's weapons (probably dead metal's circular saw) came off and embedded itself into a concrete wall just inches from Jeremy Clarkson's head! Say what you like about Jeremy Clarkson, but we may never have had a revived Top Gear without him.

3. Before Phillipa Forrester worked for Robot Wars, she was on CBBC and Tomorrow's World, as well as being on a few episodes of Techno Games and covered the BBC's coverage of the solar eclipse over the UK in 1999.

4. The venue for Robot Wars appears to have been a closely guarded secret, with little information known about it. However, it may have been filmed in a warehouse in the midlands.

5. Many people consider the fight between Razer and Tornado for the 6th Wars championship as the most controversial match in the show's history (for the modifications to both robots, but mostly due to the anti-pit device on Tornado). However, in the 7th Series, there are accusations that the pit raised up with Tornado inside it and cease not being called, with this being cunningly edited out by the cameras! Later on in the same show for the Grand Final, Typhoon 2 destroyed the arena sidewall, which forced the match to be postponed, perhaps allowing Typhoon 2 to be repaired but perhaps with no time for the other robot to be repaired!

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